Warm The Children

To date, $2,800 has been raised for Warm The Children, a program established in 1988 by former Register Citizen Publisher Mack Stewart. Last year's program helped 121 children.  

The Register Citizen and United Way of Northwest CT absorb all administrative costs, so 100% of the proceeds are used to buy new, warm winter clothing and footwear for children in need, who are identified by FISH, Friendly Hands Food Bank and the Salvation Army.  A program coordinator accompanies families to Wal-Mart to ensure that funds are properly spent. Each child is entitled to $100 worth of clothing and footwear, and the program is conducted so that the same families don't qualify each year.

Donations have been declining since 2008, when $20,100 was raised, but the program remains as important as ever.  Warm The Children is run at 31 newspapers in 13 states. The Torrington program helps an average of 100 children every year.

To register a child, parents should contact the Salvation Army at (860) 482-3569, Salvation Army Winsted (860) 379-8444, FISH at (860) 482-7300, or call Friendly Hands Food Bank at (860) 482-3338.  Donations can be made by mail to the United Way of Northwest Connecticut, P.O. Box 1001, Torrington, CT 06790, or delivered to the office at 333 Kennedy Drive, Suite R101.