United Way of Northwest Connecticut and FamilyWize are saving money for people who need help with prescriptions and don't have insurance or where insurance doesn't cover the cost. As of December, 2012, the Family Wize-United Way partnership with local pharmacies has saved people more than $179,695 on prescription costs. This partnership was established in 2005 by Dan and Susan Barnes in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, and soon spread as other communities heard about the program.


Who can benefit from Familywize?  Employees who opt of of medical plans, aren't eligible for benefits; part-timers and new employees; have HSA and high deductible plans, aren't covered, or have a family member without coverage;

What are the savings? An average of 40% or about $20 per RX;

Where is it accepted? At about 60,000 pharmacies

When does it take effect? Immediately!

Why get it? It covers all FDA-approved drugs, there's no registration, activation, or paperwork.  In short, it makes sense!


There are several ways that you can get a Discount Card:


1) text the word "family" to 700700, and show the cell phone to your phamacist

2) download a card at

3) cards are also available at the United Way office, or click on the picture of the card below!