2017 Celebrity Breakfast: Heroes VS Villains

The Northwest United Way's Annual Celebrity Breakfast is a super fun event that we use to kick off campaign season every year. That being said, the 7th annual breakfast this year on September 6th 2017 was especially exciting with over 200 in attendance at the picturesque Torrington Country Club. Many volunteers were kind enough to wake up bright and early to wait tables while dressed as their favorite Super Hero or Villain and they really made the event special. All tips received by the attendees were donated to the United Way, and because of this generosity we can continue to support the real everyday heroes in our community!

Our very heroic (or dastardly!) waiters that we have to thank are as follows:

Jessie Dziob, Starring as a Jedi

Jeffrey Geddes, Starring as Spiderman

Doreen Roy, Starring as Wonder Woman

Anita Rosa, Starring as The Mighty Thor

Carla Dubois, Starring as The Riddler

Melissa Root, Starring as Cat Woman

Michelle Anderson, EdAdvance's Super Girl, live and in the flesh!

Michael Menard and George Craig, real life Camp Moe Heroes!

Deirdre DiCara, real life Champion of the Hungry and Homeless!

Dayna Distasi, Starring as Spider Woman

Karen Jax-Giarnese, Starring as Zorro

Carole Thebarge, Starring as Batman

Greg Tonin, Starring as...Batman?!

Joyce Muse, Starring as...BATMAN? (I sense a nefarious plot is afoot)

Cathy Coyle, Starring as Robin

Lynn Skaret, Starring as Poison Ivy

KJ Johansen, Starring as The Evil Queen

Ken Nowell, Starring as Snideley Whiplash

Michelle Santos, Starring as He-Man

Helen St. Germain, Starring as Skeletor

Sandi Conforti, Starring as Bat Woman

Amy Vonculin, Starring as Harley Quinn

Johnny Burnham, Starring as Captain America

Bill Hatfield, Starring as Robin

And last but not least, Owen Quinn Starring as Harry Potter!

And of course, we offer our deepest appreciation to all of you that attended the Kickoff this year as well. We couldn't do this without you and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

For pictures of all our celebrities, and more, check out this image gallery! (if you want autographs, though, you'll have to come to our next event!)