Food For Your Neighbors



We kicked off our Food for Your Neighbors program on Monday, April 10, 2017. This is the 16th year and we are trying to surpass our previous goal of 10.000 items.

Food pantries continue to serve a large number of clients, including more than 3,200 people at Salvation Army, 1,000 people at Friendly Hands Food Bank, and over 2,000 families at FISH of Northwest Connecticut. Smaller food banks such as Fishes and Loaves in North Canaan and Hands of Grace in New Hartford, serve about 300 families.

The United Way of Northwest Connecticut’s 14th annual Food for Your Neighbors program ends Wednesday, May 10th

 Food items will be collected and subsequently distributed to FISH of Northwestern Connecticut, Friendly Hands Food Bank, Church of Norfolk Food Pantry, and the Salvation Army Food Bank.